Planning a Meeting

Ideas about Meeting Planning

The section officers and the local host work together to plan, organize, and run the annual meeting. The labor has traditionally been divided in the following ways:

  • President
    • Organizes executive board meeting in early fall for purposes of planning the spring meeting and slating a vice presidential candidate
    • Sets agenda for business part of spring meeting and presides over spring meeting

  • Vice President
    • Contacts vendors to solicit door prizes
    • Contacts and makes arrangements for the luncheon speaker
    • Chairs the section awards committee
      • Solicits nominations
      • Selects winner(s)
      • Gets placque(s)
      • Presents the award(s)

  • Secretary
    • Writes and distributes the Call For Papers
      • E-mails Call to AAPT members
      • Mails Call to AAPT members? (This could be phased out.)
      • Sends prefolded Calls to Ball State Physics Department for mailing to generic "Physics Teacher" in Indiana high schools

    • Sets schedule for meeting, working with local host
    • Writes and distributes the Meeting Announcement
      • Map of/to site and list of local hotels (obtained from local host) should be included
      • Distributes the Announcement in the same ways as for the Call

    • Handles meeting registration

  • Local Host
    • Arranges rooms for sessions and registration
    • Makes luncheon arrangements
    • Provides name tags and blank receipts
    • Provides to secretary a map of/to the site and a list of local hotels

  • Section Representative
    • Obtains mailing label file of members of AAPT living in Indiana
    • Arranges for AAPT meeting box and door prizes
    • Writes report of meeting and sends to AAPT for publication